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About Us

“BEING HELP” – We Are Here Because We Care!

Being help is a NGO headquartered in Delhi, India which undertakes healthcare, environment and welfare sector. We at Being help, in our healthcare sector provide assistance to women in their maternity checkups and overall health which is being managed by Dr. Chanchal.

At our environment sector we promote a greener planet by planting more and more trees and taking care of them at regular intervals of time.

We initiate to help the underpriviledged children as well as poor through charity and other valuable contributions done by people to fulfill their needs and making their future better .

Help the people


We aim to provide the best possible help. The prevailing movements for justice, help, and the betterment of the environment, the drive could not transform in a full fledge manner due to lack of resources and support So, We are here to work determined in the areas of child health, women empowerment, environment and Humanitarian response for our society.

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Being Help!


Our mission is to ensure that we play our significant role and take responsibility of taking care of environmnet , healthcare as well as essentially contribute towards welfare of our society and develop it for building a greener , brighter and better future for our coming generations to live.

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